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  • The IRIS system monitors vehicles in real time without risk of signal interruption resulting from the reliability of the satellite constellation that enables information transfers.

  • Rational use of satellite comunications through control of the time period between messages leading to a reduced service cost.

  • Real time transmission of important violations helping to reduce unforseen stops resulting in better vehcile avaiability.

  • The system can be accessed through commonly available internet browsers so there is no need to invest in expensive computer servers or software.

  • The module has a capacity to make decisions (embedded intelligence) and can take actions autonimously even when unable to communicate with the Iris control center.

  • The module's programming characteristics can be customized to the type of operation, cargothat is being transported and geographical route that is being taken.

  • Allows a greater control of fuel and maintenance costs through the use of a wide variety of telemtric parameters.

  • As a logistic tool the Iris can optimize cargo operations resulting in greater productivity.

  • Performance reports of the vehicles and their drivers can been consulted via the Internet in real time.

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