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    The equipment (Antennas and the Intelligent Module) is installed in each vehicle enabling connection via satellite with the control center.

    Infomation regarding the vehicle's position and how it is being driven is online 24 hours a day and can be accessed by the control center and by the client using an internet browser.

    The large number of available satellites (usually three satellites simultaneously) provides a high level of uninterrupted service availability which guarantees a high level fo confidence in the overall system.

    The intelligent module in addition to connecting with the constellation of satellites, also registers all information regarding the manner in which the vehicle is being driven through the use of predefined events (speeding, over RPM, overheating, dangerous turning etc.). The module can regard these events as violations.

    Important violations are transmitted to the control center and the client in real time, allowing corrective actions to be taken.

    Also, all violations of any nature are stored in the module and periodically sent the the control center so the client can emitt reports that detail the performance of the vehicle and its driver.

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