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The IRIS is exclusively available for sale and installation throughout the network of Scania dealers.
Vehicle tracking
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national territory
The IRIS system allows you to accompany your vehicle fleet in all of Brazil, Mercosul and Chile (soon, in all of Latin America).

Tel. Comercial:
+55 11 43449905
Tel. Operational:
4007 2428 (áreas municipais)
85 3923 0028 (interurbano)

R. Oswaldo Cruz, 1 Sl. 1004
Ed. Beira Mar Trade Center
Meireles CEP: 60.125-150
Fortaleza - CE - Brasil

IRIS - A system that integrates fleet tracking, managing and logistics.The system allows rapid localization of vehicles using geographic coordinates obtained from the Global Positioning System (GPS) and monitoring of up to 20 vehicle events in real time via the internet.
Through the use of digital communications and a constellation of 48 satellites in low earth and 70 worldwide ground stations, the system provides the most efficent coverage in remote areas where other systems would suffer constant interference or interruption resulting from "shadow areas".
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Tel. Comercial: +55 11 4344 9905
Tel. Operational: 4007 2428 (áreas municipais),
85 3923 0028 (interurbano)